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Inspired by this dreamy sitting area tonight—from my personal photo collection. The color palette, the furniture, the warmth, the textures, the whole vibe. Wish I was standing in that spot again right now. So much goodness!  x


Casualty Girl x Society6

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I've teamed up with Society6 to offer some of my designs (from my new Type & Diabetes collection) onto products for you! Society6 is an on-demand printer and platform for premier artists & designers. The idea is that designers can focus more on what they do best (designing and creating art) and then they take care of the rest (production and shipping). The quality of their products is top-notch and I really hope that you find a few things that you enjoy—to help inject a little fun into life with the big D!

Here is how it works: I spend time creating my artwork and designs and then the final pieces are placed on the Society6 products that work with each respective design. S6 prints those products and will ship them directly to you when you place your order. That means that your order will come directly from Society6. Your items will be branded with their tags but with my artwork / designs on it. Society6 and I work together as a team—to help each other—so it becomes a symbiotic relationship and a way for you guys to get some fun products at a reasonable cost. We also ship worldwide and offer hassle free returns! You can either access the products via the shop on my site here (I will be showcasing featured products) or you can shop directly from Casualty Girl | Society6. If you are a wholesaler and/or interested in being a distributor, please send me an email at hello@casualtygirl.com. We have a wholesaler program in place. 

About the collection: Typography & Diabetes (Type & Diabetes). It is a collection of words and sayings revolving around life with diabetes. It includes some of my own phrases along with some of the more common, playful phrases that are well known in the diabetes community. The series is still in the works and more words & phrases will continue to be added.

I designed the first part of the Type & Diabetes series in a classic, graphic black and white. The color collection is currently underway. If there are certain colors that you would like to see, please let me know!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!